Monday, July 11, 2016

Superfine! returns to Miami Art Week

On December 1, the second iteration of Superfine! The Fairest Fair will take over the CrossFit Wynwood building at 56 NE 29th Street for a four day long ode to the local Miami art scene with a hefty dose of international flavor. While located in the midst of larger conventional old guard art fairs, the second Superfine! is set to present a fair and challenging counter to the typical white box space--one wherein exhibitors thrive and collectors gain access to the freshest original artwork on the planet. Last December, Superfine! roared into Miami Art Week with a vengeance. Transforming a 60,000 square foot abandoned office building in Little Haiti into a five-day long feast for the senses, the inaugural edition of Superfine! attracted nearly 50 exhibitors from as far flung as Madrid and Malaysia and as nearby as Miami and its artistic sister city of New York. This year, the Superfine! team, led by director Alex Mitow and creative director James Miille (known collectively as The JAMM Project), is taking its progressive art fair concept to the belly of the beast.

The 2016 edition of Superfine! will offer exhibition space to artists and their champions by the linear foot, forgoing the traditional method of selling booths by square footage. Participants' presentations will be curated together to create a flowing exhibition that draws inspiration from the groundbreaking Times Square Show which took place in New York City in 1980 and cemented careers for the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kenny Scharf. While dealers and curators are welcome to apply, the core focus of the fair lies in creating relationships between living artists and the collector groups that support them, both new and established. Both from an exhibitor and collector outreach perspective, Superfine! focuses its energy on specific communities including local Miami residents, women, and the LGBT community, of which both directors are a part. Programming and exhibitor selection is designed with an eye towards all of these key groups, and all will be welcomed with open arms.

Superfine! employs a new strategy which relies on "trimming the fat" of antiquated art fair models in order to offer exhibition space to artists and their champions at very affordable rates within a dynamic and engaging arena. This allows for accessibly-priced artwork, with 50% of the submissions available for between $300 and $4,000 per piece and the most expensive offerings priced below $10,000. The ultimate goal is to encourage and welcome new collectors, and provide a refreshing alternative for established ones. The fair's core mantra states that "Inspired original artwork is for everyone, not just a select few" and this philosophy can be seen in all aspects of the fair, from the programming to the information tags next to artists' work, which are required to state the price clearly and transparently. In doing so, the mission is to eradicate the opaque art world of yore and elucidate a fresh, new one that welcomes everyone with a keen eye and a sense of what they love.