Thursday, July 14, 2016


The historic evening of primetime premieres known as “MarTres”: one night, three hours, three stories and three premieres, comes to TELEMUNDO next Tuesday, July 19. The unprecedented evening begins with “Silvana Sin Lana” at 8pm/7c, continues with “Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso” at 9pm/8c, and concludes with “Señora Acero 3, La Coyote” at 10pm/9c.

“Silvana Sin Lana” (8pm/7c), starring Carlos Ponce, Maritza Rodríguez, Marimar Vega and leading Oscar-nominated actress Adriana Barraza, is a romantic comedy about an upper-class woman who loses her fortune in an unexpected twist of fate. With no other options, she moves to a middle-class neighborhood, where she struggles to adapt to her new lifestyle and resist her attraction to the fish seller next door. 

“Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso” (9pm/8c), the sequel to the hit “Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso,” tells the story of a woman determined to succeed on her own merits without resorting to plastic surgery or the lure of easy money through drug trafficking. Based on a story by Gustavo Bolívar, “Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso” stars Catherine Siachoque and Fabián Ríos with Carolina Gaitán and Juan Pablo Urrego, featuring Majida Issa as the antagonist. Nelson Martínez serves as executive producer with Diego Mejía directing.

Featuring a stellar cast led by veteran actor Sergio Goyri, Carolina Miranda, Luis Ernesto Franco, Adrián Di Monte, Laura Flores, José María Torre and Alejandro Speitzer, “Señora Acero 3, La Coyote” (10pm/9c) depicts the plight of the Mexican immigrants who cross the border in pursuit of the American Dream while trying desperately to evade both the Border Patrol and bands of drug traffickers out to enslave them in the illegal narcotics business. 

To complement the historic “MarTres” lineup, TELEMUNDO will air two special news reports:

“Cosecha de Miseria” (July 16, 9pm/8c), a Noticias Telemundo and Weather Channel co-production based on a nine-month investigation revealing the prevalence of child labor in conditions of extreme poverty on coffee plantations in Chiapas, Mexico.

“Rostros de la Frontera” (July 24, 9pm/8c), a special one-hour program hosted by Don Francisco at Parque de la Amistad (Friendship Park) on the border between San Diego, California and Tijuana, México, featuring on-location interviews that showcase the real stories of those who visit the park every weekend to see family and friends from across the border.